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    does harry actually look good with his hair in a ponytail or am i just really far up his ass

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  8. Anonymous said: how the heck is nina about harry?!


    okay so i’m not going to dissect the whole song but look the evidence is undeniable that nina is about their bromance this is what i went to college for don’t fight me on this

    I met you when I was a teen
    But then you were one as well

    Sometimes I wonder
    And any other summer could you have been my part time lover
    To me listening to Stevie Wonder?
    imageHEART EYES EVERYWHERE and we know harry loves stevie wonder that’s the song he sang on x-factor and ed was probably watching and that’s when he was like “yo this guy is going to be my bff and i’m going to tattoo him and we’re going to do cool shit 4ever”

    When I was home, up in my flat is where we used to stay
    Just watching a DVD, smoking illegal weed
    imageHARRY WENT OVER TO HIS PLACE AND HARRY MADE HIM WATCH ROM COMS GET OUT OF MY FACE and probs smoked weed let’s be real (x)

    We go anywhere, our minds would take us
    in the studio makin sick ass tunes and trying 2 kill us

    And I’ll say you are beautiful without your make-up

    harry’s still fine as hell without makeup ed knows it we all know it look at that natural lip wow wowww beautiful 。◕ ‿ ◕。

    And I’ve been living on the road, Nina Harry
    But then again you should know, Nina Harry
    Cause that’s you and me both, Nina Harry

    Oh, won’t you leave me now, now?
    imagethey both tour and are never home and u know when they have to part harry won’t let go of him and whines a lot probably quoting titanic and ed’s like “harry let me go seriously bro stop it my name isn’t even jack we’ve gone over this”

    And every weekend in the winter
    You’ll be wearing my hoodie
    are u KITTEN ME

    then all the mushy shit is just their bro love 4 each other made all lovey dovey because it’s ed sheeran and that’s what he does but this has been an episode of “nina is about ed and harry’s bromance i’m right bye” thank

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This sign is at the bakery Harry used to work at in Holmes Chapel! +

    This sign is at the bakery Harry used to work at in Holmes Chapel! +

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    this is stillt eh funniest thing niall has ever done 


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